Perelandra by C.S. Lewis

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The setting of this story takes place on the planet Prelandra, also known as Venus. This planet consists of many floating islands. The islands are quite beautiful, the clouds are purple and the sky is a golden color, the seawater is green and drinkable, from the distance the water looks like glided glass. The islands are not very stable, and they can shake if water hits the mobile islands. All of the islands are mobile, except the main island, which remains stationary. Maledil, the people's god, forbade them to spend the night on the main island; therefore the inhabitants of Perelandra stay on one of the mobile islands. There are many different types of inhabitants on Perelandra, dragons, exotic fish, possums, and
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Once Ransom arrives on the planet he finds that Perelandra consists of several floating islands and one large stationary island. Ransom meets the Green Lady, the self proclaimed queen of Perelandra. Weston enters the story by appearing on the same island that Ransom is on. Weston makes it known to Ransom that he is there to help spread human civilization to the planet. Ransom then tries to explain to Weston that he is in error in his thinking and his plans are immoral, Weston disregards Ransom's warnings and submits himself to a demon, thus making him think that he is God. Weston sees Lady as someone he must dispose of in order to become ruler of Perelandra. Weston then tries to corrupt Lady, so that when she becomes corrupt she will no longer be able to rule Perelandra and he can rule in her place. Ransom sees that Weston is trying to corrupt her and he knows why, Weston has become possessed and power-hungry. Ransom tries to protect Lady from Weston, but Lady can not figure out whom she should listen to, or who is telling her the truth. Ransom then decides he must destroy the creature that is trying to destroy Lady. Maledill causes everyone on the islands to fall asleep except for Ransom. Ransom attacks Weston and Weston runs towards the ocean. Ransom pursues him and catches up with him. The demon inside of Weston seems to have disappeared and Weston is