Org Behavior Case Study

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MAN 5246 Organizational Behavior

Module 2, Fall 2015

Pluto Candy Company

Team Case Exercise

Pluto Candy Company


Date: December 11th, 2015 To: Judith Callahan, PhD Vice-President, Operations

From: Employee Attitudes Task Force

Re: Employee Attitudes

Cc: Clyde Tombaugh, President

This memorandum is a response to Judith Callahan’s Pluto Strategic Initiative Program. Our Employee attitude task force has worked diligently and precisely to determine where the Pluto Candy Company stands in terms of achieving a satisfied and committed workforce. Our results and analysis are based off the Employee Attitude Survey and can be found below. Please feel free to contact any member of our
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Refer to appendix C for detailed data analysis.

Question 4: Do job satisfactions vary by race or gender? If so, why? If not, does this prove that women and minorities are treated fairly at Pluto?

We found no statistically significant correlation between job satisfaction and gender or race. When running our analysis, we did not include American Indians in our anova as the sample size was too small.

It cannot be determined whether women and minorities are treated fairly at Pluto, as we are only taking into account the subjective attitudes of the employees and not the legal policies enacted at Pluto Candy Company.

Refer to appendix D for detailed data analysis.

Question 5: Do we have a turnover problem? If so, what should we do about it? (Note: I would like to see a cost-benefit analysis to answer this question.)

The cost of turnover takes into account all costs associated with having an old employee leave, to recruiting and training his/her replacement. The total cost of turnover (TCT) for Pluto Candy Company is found by adding the


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