On Time Delivery Case Study

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Case Summary
As stated in the case study of “ On-Time Package Delivery”, the first year of business was successful, bringing in revenue and steady customer need in the market for the service. Customers were many big firms and businesses in large cities. Also, they emphasis the importance of their employees, especially their sales force. The sales force is not only responsible for generating business and relationships with customers; they are the face of the company. These are the representatives that customers deal with directly and voice their opinions to. The next category of the sales force of On-Time is the Key Account Managers. They are responsible for the big accounts in the company, such as corporate accounts. The company became in
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This is the largest law firm in the Northeast and company’s On-Time’s most valuable customer. Jacobson contacted Carmella Stringer. Stringer gave a complaint that one of their clients had waited 5 hours for the package, which was supposed to be delivered in two hours, as claimed by On-Time. Jacobson contacted Attaway and she told him she would take the blame. She forgot to tell Stringer to indicate that the type of deliver is an “express delivery” and she was not aware with the changes in their package expedite form. Even though she took the blame, nothing was offered to Strawn, Night and Squires for the problem, such as a free delivery, or a lower rate.
The report that Jacobson should prepare for Justin Spencer should cover many different area’s of business. First, all employees should be education on the competition and all that is offering in order to properly market and sale their services. Whether they want to market it as a “smaller but more efficient” company, or emphasis the service of their sales representatives, any change will help. Knowing and researching the competition will greatly help On-Time improve their quality and be able to keep up with the competition. Whatever the competition offers, they should offer and do it better. There are also unreasonable requests in the Boston area. Instead of deeming them “unreasonable”, they should try to fulfill these requests in order to make lifetime customer. I am not


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