Nursing Case Studies on Copd

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In this reflective piece of writing I will be explaining how chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects the patient physically, psychologically ,and socially ,I will also explain how the disease affects his daily routine and how it impacts on his family life. I will give an overview of the clinical signs and symptoms, how the disease alters the pathphysiology of the lungs, and what these changes cause within the body.
I will be using the reflective model “What, So What, Now What “ (2007).
The patient I have chosen to write about is a seventy year old male who has been married for nearly fifty years. He has two grown up sons, both married with
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I was happy to do this as I am deemed competent and have the required training to carry out these duties. I made sure Mr Woods was sitting upright as this would help him with his breathing by improving his lung capacity and making sure oxygen was prescribed by the doctor and administered via nasal cannulae as per trust policy.
I noticed Mr Woods remained tachyponeic, so repeated his observations. Even though on 2 litres of oxygen his saturation levels still remained low so I informed the nurse in charge that Mr Woods observations remained unstable. A doctor was notified and the patient assessed which involved listening to his chest. The doctor then prescribed nebulisers, oral steroids and paracetamol. A chest x-ray was also requested.
I had to ask a qualified member of staff to administer Mr Woods medication, because I am not qualified to dispense drugs to a patient as a student assistant practitioner as this does not fall within my scope of practice or within the boundaries of my role. I think the fact I know my limitations and boundaries make me a safe practitioner.
I made sure I had documented Mr Woods observations and that I had informed the nurse in charge of his condition making sure that I had dated, timed and signed what I had written. I got my documentation countersigned by a qualified member of staff as stated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council


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