Nr451 Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Capstone

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Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Reduce With Strict Use of Foam Dressing
Chamberlain School of Nursing
Penni-Lynn Rolen
NR 451 Capstone Course
Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Reduce With Strict Use of Foam Dressing
Despite advancement of technology, pressure ulcer continues to be a primordial in the health care system. Prevention of pressure ulcer remains an important issue in the health care facility. The critically ill ICU patient is the main target of this disease. Prevention remains the key for this problem. Some facility have standard policy for the eradication of pressure ulcer However the question is will the sacrum pressure ulcer formation be reduced in adult critically ill clients
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P = Patients(s) or problemPatient, patient population or presenting issue | Adult patient who is critically ill in ICU units | I = Intervention under Consideration | Apply foam dressing to bony permanent on admission as a preventive measure | C = ComparisonWhat is the current practice you are comparing to “I”? (This element may be implied or missing) | Compare incident of pressure ulcer before using the foam to the number of incident of pressure ulcer after use of foam in the ICU patients | O = OutcomeWhat is the effect of the “I” on “P?” What is desired outcome? | No Hospital acquired pressure ulcer | T = TimeIs there a need to limit the timeframe for the intervention? | Will monitor the critical care unit for 30 days. |

Step 3: Synthesize the Best Evidence
Six articles that were found to be applicable for this project were reviewed. Evidence from these six articles support the issue of Pressure ulcer is high risk patients. The propose change is to assess patient on admission and applied a foam dressing for prevention of pressure ulcer.

Step 4: Design Practice Change
Once the implementation of the pilot study that involved the use of foam dressing is done and the result is analyzed, I will design a practice