Nissan case study

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Points involved in supplier development

Supplier development

Co development

Why suppliers development
Foundation of supplier development
Organisational structure
Leadership role
Methodology involved in supplier development
Tools involved in supplier development
Measuring supplier development performance
Risk, cost involved and benefits
Improved achieved
Lesson learned
Future trends

Supplier development
Supplier development is considered as a key aspect in the design and development stage of production, its basically a Co-development activity between supplier and customer. “Co-development processes are an instrument used in several industries to
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Other suppliers are given specific requirements by the customer.
Brown and Eisenhardt (1995)
Organization of the development process—building and motivating teams Conceptual Integrative model of product development consisting of project team, project leader, senior management, suppliers and customer that effect process performance and product effectiveness and financial success.
Wilson, Littler, Leverick, and Bruce (1995)
Organization of the development process Empirical—case studies Identification of support factors and important risks for the success of co-development relationships to develop practical advice for the implementation of co-development projects.
Kirchmann (1996b)
Interfaces within and between the involved companies Empirical—interviews and survey Identification of reasons for customer organizations for co-development, instruments of information exchange and typologies of interfaces between customer and supplier organization.
Baldwin and Clark (1997)
Supplier involvement as a strategy Conceptual Partnerships and alliances with suppliers are an increasingly important strategy to develop and maintain competitive advantages. A prerequisite for this strategy is the modularity of the products.
Dyer (1997)
Transaction costs and transaction value Empirical Detailed examination of practices of Japanese


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