Need N Importance of Mass Media in Our Daily Life

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Mass media has become an integral part of our lives and can not be separated from our life. Particularly for the urban people, the need for information is more important than ever. Our values and way of life in the society in this information era are strongly influenced by the mass media like newspapers, TV, radio, video, and the internet. Mass media’s influence on people’s lives is even greater and deeper than many kinds of state indoctrination or priest’s sermons from the pulpit in the church .The full range of unfiltered media is now available to most of us by using a parabola and satellite transmission. We can buy many kinds of videos freely. Access to the internet is easy and inexpensive almost everywhere. We can find many kinds of …show more content…
For hours, the succession of pictures is watched by eyes that are only just opening onto the world and it becomes imprinted on minds that are still impressionable. A few years later, when going to school, newspaper headlines and magazine covers arrest the eye. Out of this excess of images, what will remain in the mind of the child? Pictures of war, violence, women's bodies, clothed or not, sporting exploits; the faces of film stars… or political stars. Never do they see pictures of an inventor.
One could talk about the press and the media for hours. The press or audiovisual media, party political broadsheets, general or specialized newspapers, popular or elitist; the press and the government, the press and money, the press and advertising. The subject is vast, complex and endless. It also has very noticeable variations from one country to another and from one political regime to another.
Mass media is an important part of our life. People from different walks of life have become nowadays listeners, readers, viewers. Reading newspapers and magazines, watching TV, listening to the news on the radio is our main means of getting information in all its variety. Newspapers with their enormous circulation report different kinds of news. They carry articles which cover the latest international and national events. There are special newspapers which gave a full coverage of commercial, financial and publish affairs. There are newspapers and


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