Nascar Case Study

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Case study on NASCAR

1. How do you think good decision making has contributed to the success of NASCAR?
Ans. Almost every company wants success. To have a successful company, we need to know about the decision making process, and how, and when it works. According to the text, “Decision-making process is a set of eight steps that include identifying a problem, selecting an alternative, and evaluating the decision’s effectiveness.” Not only does a manager need to know this term but they also need to know when it should be applicable. In my point of view, NASCAR is a huge, well-known company. They must use the decision making process to make their company successful, because without knowing this knowledge, a manager can’t do his/her work
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In my point of view, I think NASCAR Company is now facing uncertainty, because they are going to launch a new market strategy. They don’t know about outcomes. They will get profit or loss that is uncertain, so I can say that NASCAR Company is facing uncertainty.
5. What could Brian learn from the concept of highly reliable organizations to help him be a better decision maker?
Ans. The concepts of highly reliable organizations come from Karl Weick, an organizational psychologist. He says that a highly reliable organization has five habits. First, they are not tricked by their success. Second, they defer to the experts on the front line. Third, they let unexpected circumstances provide solutions, fourth, they embrace complexity and fifth, they anticipate, but also anticipate their limits. If Brian learns these five concepts of highly reliable organizations then it will help him to give more progress to his company. I think if he put the first habit of highly reliable organization then he will be a better decision maker, because first habit teaches that not tricked by success. Sometimes some company tricked by their success, which means they feel too much proud for their success, so they don’t work hard like before, and lose their reputation. If Brian learn and apply this method for his company then I think he will be a better decision maker. Not only first habit he can apply, but

also he can use other four methods to be a better decision maker.


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