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Municipal WiFi

Municipal Wi-Fi or Municipal wireless network is a step towards making Internet services available to everyone by wireless technology. A geographical area under a municipality is provided with a wireless broadband service in many cities in US. Currently this idea is getting spread around the world. The structure of the wireless network is a mesh network with more than hundreds of routers are installed on the outdoors of the buildings. The network is operated by a wireless ISP. In this report we will discuss about implementation of municipal WiFi in different countries and the status of those implementation.
1. Municipal WiFi in Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi in Texas is considered to be one of the top ten
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It used the same infrastructure that is optical core based network using mesh topology. This network is used by parks, marketplaces, public libraries and internet connectivity for public. It has almost 200 WiFi hot spots across the city. There are restrictions on usage and hours.
So, the important applications of implementation of municipal WiFi in Spain considering both networks are,
1. Security and monitoring
2. Telemetry
3. Traffic control and management
4. Parking meter control and management
5. Public bicycle rental systems
6. Access control for pedestrians and vehicles in different zones of the city
7. Wi-Fi in public buses
8. Mobile worker applications
9. Low cost public Internet connections.
There are several technical complexities in implementing municipal WiFi in the city. Still the city is enjoying benefits of the implementation and looking further for addition of more services and better connectivity. One advantage in, the clear regulations defined by the authority that have made the services more flexible and useful the consumers and service provider. (, 2014)
3. Municipal WiFi in TC
The project for implementing city wide free WiFi network in the Traverse City is delayed for a long time. However the project is expected to start soon. (, 2014) The proposal for this implementation states that the infrastructure is expected to install radio nodes for creating a mesh