My People the Sioux

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My People the Sioux "My People the Sioux" is a good literary work written in 1928. This book leaves an everlasting impression with some because it definitely intensifies the sympathy for the Indians. Luther Standing Bear, also known as Plenty Kill, portrays the dramatic and traumatic changes about the Sioux throughout their traditional way of life. As a young boy growing up, he experienced many of these hardships first hand between his people and the whites. This autobiography is quite valuable as it helps allow us to envision what really happened in the battling times of the Indians. Luther stated this quote, which to me, is unforgettable and very well said. It reads: "We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful …show more content…

Some, however, acted a bit strangely, but soon he was told why. It had happened that a few Indians who had returned home after being at Carlisle did not want to acknowledge their own native peoples. They even went as far as saying that they forgot their Sioux language. But, Luther Standing Bear definitely was not one of them. He spent much time with his native people telling them any story they wanted to know. The time he spent there was not all bad. For he came home and was proud to look a bit like a white American, and he also felt quite fashionable being that he received new clothing. Another interesting idea that differs between the Indians and the whites is the idea of romantic relationships, whether it is at the dating level or the marriage level. The white boys seem to go directly after the females, whereas the Indian boys seem to patiently await their woman crush. Luther treated his women with respect and gave them his honest words. He was a well educated Indian man who was known for his hard working ethics and his well-kept manner. In spite of Luther's good manners and morals, he engages into marriage with Nellie. She was half Indian and half white. His father felt it was the right time and her father felt the same; however, her mother was not too fond of the idea. Despite of that, they still married and moved into their house together. Soon after they married, Luther was


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