Multiplication Is for White People

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Contemporary education reforms study on the continuous black-white achievement gap in the public schools, in America. In the book, “Multiplication is meant for White People”: Raising Expectations for Other people’s Children, Lisa Delpit focuses on these reforms and informs educators that education gap does not exist at birth.. Through her experience in the field and as a mother, she gives strategies for raising the expectations of minority or underperforming children especially the blacks. The book has many references of elementary to university success stories of mentioned practitioners.

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She stipulates that these programs have the capability of being effective as long as the participants behave as committed educators willing to stay long in their positions and learn of the culture of the community. She states that the dismissal of a significant number of black teachers in areas such as Washington sends a bad message especially to the black students. This discussion, however, holds not water because this event aroused due to continuous student underperformance and poor teaching quality.

Delpit presents her arguments also as a mother. Her story on raising Maya is moving, and a reader can easily understand what she experienced as a black mother. In one particular sad scene, Delpit visits Maya in first grade at school and finds her sited by herself working on her own. She gets surprised when she hears the teacher explain whole language instruction, incorrectly. She talks of another instance when she and her daughter were welcomed warmly by an admissions director of a black student college.

Albeit the main sections of the book being directed towards educators, all readers could appreciate the book as former students. A number of students may look back on their missed opportunities in class simply because of inappropriate curricula and experiences with teachers who did not


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