Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, progressive neurological disease affecting all aspects of life: physical, cognitive, emotional, and social (Abma). It is known as an autoimmune disease, Where the body’s immune system turns against the body and destroys the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells. This damage to the nerve cells causes many problems for the patient including weakness, muscle stiffness, poor coordination and balance, tingling, numbness, tremors, blurred vision, slurred speech, and memory and concentration problems (Bren)

There are three different versions of multiple sclerosis (“What is MS?”). The least severe being relapsing-remitting; this occurs when a person has an attack and then there are no further
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To diagnose the disease, healthcare providers use a number of tools and tests to help rule out other causes. The first is medical history. In this procedure, the doctor asks about personal and family health history. The doctor also questions the patient about the symptoms, their duration, and their onset. In a Physical examination, the doctor runs tests that will determine the health of nerves and muscles. Doctors will also look for weakness in specific parts of the body. In a MRI, a patient’s body is placed within a magnetic field and scanned by radio waves. Doctors also take pictures of the brain or spine to see if there are any patches or scars on the myelin sheath. In CSF collection, the doctor will take a sample of the patient’s spinal fluid. Then doctors study the sample for abnormalities like an increase of white blood cells and high amounts of immunoglobulin G. In ERTs, doctors attach wires to a patients scalp. Then doctors can measure the speed of visual, hearing, and sensory pathways and can detect damaged areas of the brain. The course of the disease is also uncertain. In general, though, the disease follows several known patterns. These patterns are grouped under the heading “chronic progressive MS.” Relapsing-remitting MS is a form of MS in which patients experience series of actively symptomatic periods called attacks followed by remissions. Secondary-progressive


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