Mindtree’s Approach to Knowledge Management

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Case Assignment for MindTree
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Q1.What are the key elements of MindTree’s approach to knowledge management? How effective are they?
A: The key elements of MindTree’s Approach to KM includes:
1. The way MindTree foster and build social interactions within the company. From MindTree’s value system (CLASS), the administrators have realized that employees are social creatures that wish to build and grow. Thus, they allow employees to self-organize into communities that focus upon a particular topic or aspect of the company.
2. The model in which communities are viewed or categorized in terms of their impact to MindTree. This allows the CKO to look at the knowledge community landscape from a distance, and identify where
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The final stage is the capability building which concentrates on creating an impact on the company by building relationships between communities and other organizational entities.
Finally, the roles that communities of practice play at MindTree is personal, professional, and organizational. Employees that share a common attribute at work have the ability to communicate their work experiences to “foster a spirit of belongingness”. These shared experiences builds new knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned, all of which build a higher level of professionalism. The organization, and subsequently the customer, benefit from this level of professionalism and performance.
Q3. How (if at all) does the 5*50 initiative alter the roles and responsibilities of the knowledge management function? What changes (if any) would you propose?
The “5*50” initiative called all MindTree employees to offer innovative ideas for building new $50 million business from scrath and MindTree executives would select five people with the best ideas and would give them the resources to start their proposed new ventures. The whole process inculdes: 1. All MindTree employees should be asked to offer their suggestions. 2. Several proposals would be review and evaluate by senior managers, and the candidates would attend a one-week mini-MBA program taught by MindTree’s founders. 3. After the mini-MBA program,