Milligan’s Backyard Storage Kits

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Milligan’s Backyard Storage Kits


Milligan’s Backyard Storage Kits, a mail order company, sells a variety of backyard storage unit kits and landscaping decorations to its customers. Although the company makes a profit, David Milligan, the company’s owner, realizes that he can improve his company’s operations if he better manages his inventory. Mr. Milligan requests your help in preparing an Inventory Analysis worksheet. The Inventory Analysis worksheet provides Mr. Milligan with information about his annual sales, cost of goods sold, gross profit, and markup on this products. Preparing the worksheet for Mr. Milligan requires you to insert columns, use several functions, and apply proper formatting to the
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Mr. Milligan wants the average, minimum and maximum, value of each for the: • cost of average inventory • annual sales • cost of goods sold • annual gross profit • gross margin ratio • markup percentage values. 2. Mr. Milligan wants to know the maximum unit cost and sales price, as well as the minimum unit cost and sales price. 3. He also wants to know the