Mickey Mouse Monopoly

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1. Describe three specific example of how Disney movie can unintentional create roles certain groups of people through socialization.
Disney creates gender roles, racial roles, and white supremacy through socialization within their motion pictures. For example, Walt Disney’s “Snow White”, “Fantasia”, and even “The Little Mermaid” all show females as obscenely beautiful, male dependent and flirtatious creatures who couldn’t save themselves from a Chinese finger trap. Males are the perfectly sculpted rescuers who can be easily wooed by a woman’s body; and these exaggerated roles create a false standard for children and can lead to severely underdeveloped sociological skills. Moving onto the racial roles; in the movie “All dogs go to
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Yay. Truth is, Pocahontas actually existed, as did John Smith, however there are many differences that plague these lovers tale. First off, her actual name was Matoaka, and her nickname was Pocahontas. She did save John smith from death (But she didn’t love him, they just met) and he did return to England. (Due to a leg injury in a gunpowder accident) Pocahontas was captured and held for ransom while her kidnappers tried to convert her to Christianity. There she fell in love with John Ralphe (Pocahontas 2 is officially rewriting every element of this part of the story) and the two were married when she was 17, she had a son, and died of a disease. Now, as for “Pocahontas 1” and her love affair with Mr. Smith, it didn’t happen, he never left the friend zone. First, they met for the first time when she saved him from execution, and secondly, she was 11 and he was 28. (Now I don’t know about you, but Disney’s Pocahontas does NOT look 11) Also, John Smith was far from the blonde haired, blue eyed, and handsome man on screen. Matoaka was nothing like the tall, bronze skinned, supermodel that ran through the forest and played with raccoons. Disney keeps just close enough to the actual story to confuse the audience and achieve rewriting history.

5. Explain how Mickey Mouse Monopoly applies to latent functions.
Disney hides behind innocence, and uses their dominant grasp of the early childhood market.


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