Michel Fernandes at Nicholas Piramal

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1. What is at stake for the business development function and for the company as a whole?
1) Sake for Business Development Function:
Due to managerial conflicts between 3 senior managers, original plan will not be fully developed or properly implanted.
As a result, integration as one will collapse if three senior managers do not communicate or work as a team.

2) Stake for a Company as a Whole:
Firstly the inefficient management will increase the managerial cost which leads to revenue loss and loss of future earnings growth opportunities. The weaker financial position might further lead the company losing its competitiveness in the global market.
In addition, the risk for
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Fernandes should focus on making Ananth, Grundy and Veronica trust each other, which could be done by settling down their own egos and own personal goals.

Similar to the building-trust achievement, needs to be settled the job responsibilities and limitations. Right now, Grundy and Veronica should be addressing Ananth, but each of them is either working on their own (which is the case for Veronica who closed deals without Ananth knowing), or addressing directly Fernandes. Initially the deal was for them to seek approval from Ananth, but that is no longer happening.

Finally, Fernandes should settle down in a correct and clear way the goal of implementing the Business Developing Function so that people can understand what is what he wants and also to make them see that what he suggests is for the benefit for the company.

4. How might the supply/value chain be used as an analytical framework for understanding the organizational and managerial challenges facing the company?

After looking at the supply/value chain, it can be said that the managerial challenges are rather big and need of large improvements. First it has to be settled down the fact that the global different regulations and approaches make the implementation of the Business Development Function not to be easily applied. Although, Ananth desires a complete control and a unique implementation by hustle of the “Cradle to Grave” system, on