Mental Mindset

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Mental Model/ Mindsets Paper

OI/ 361
August 6, 2013

Mental Model/ Mindset Paper
Change is an everyday occurrence in life. Individuals are not always in agreement with change because of their mental models or mindsets. These terms describe the brain processes to make sense of what is happening in an individual's environment. This poses a challenge for organizations because some creative ideas may be the steppingstones for progress, success, or provide the competitive edge. AAA Transportation in Waukegan, Wisconsin; an interstate trucking company specializing in transporting wholesale produce in climate controlled trailers is facing reluctance in the proposed change in services offered by the new owner. As a human resources (HR)
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Finally, step four involves experimentation. Management should accomplish research on the changes in terms of funding, raw materials, products, etc. to ensure that the change in their strategy is feasible. A dry-run with the individuals who have doubt with feedback from their current and potential customers may change their mindset, especially if the proposed change brings positive feedback from other employees to strengthen the company's new service idea.
The influential forces that are affecting Vernon and Bud are personality (genetics), education, influence of others, rewards, and incentives, and personal experience (Wind, Crook, & Gunther, 2005). Each of these has left an impression on the mindset of these employees. An individual's personality is who they are and what they do in terms of the chemical reactions in the brain. However, the other influences are what shape the persons mindset. Education is the molding of the mind in terms of how the educator views the world and the student accepts or translates it to fit their own understanding. In relation to training, it is a systematic approach to dealing with change and transition. In the case of Vernon and Bud, they, may have been taught that to be cautious when uncertainty arises. This may have sharpened their critical-thinking skills providing the ability to focus on what their priorities are instead of the


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