Meli Marine Case Study

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Meli Marine Case Study Strategy Analysis

Significant Factors For Attractiveness of The Industry
• Global commerce trade is primarly dependent on trans-ocean shipping; roughly 90% of general cargo is shipped via container Based on the container shipping value chain, there are several segments to expand and integrate the business and enter the market. This would provide benefit of business diversification hence decreasing risks According to the volume of growth of shipping lanes (Exhibit 6), every lane has steadily increased during the last years and is expected to grow further in the future

Meli Marine’s Strategy to Compete in The Industry

1) Greater flexibility in the cost structure by selling older vessels, adding smaller more
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3: SWOT Analysis

• Managerial Capabilities Effective costumer service Strong relationship and partnership with manufacturers and traders Leader in the IntraAsia operators Great performance in terms of profit among the Industry Loyal Costumers Base Specialized in a set of customers and commodities •

• Smallest player in the Industry • Very specialized in Asia Market compared to other players • Zero Costumers in North America or outside Asia, basically unknown outside Asia Market • Meli Marine is only focused on one lane

• Undeveloped markets - Asian North America Shipments; the number of costumers asking Meli