Mcdonald's Supply Chain

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McDonald’s Corporation: Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain:
By: Stephen F Finkelman, EGR 7112. 11/28/2012 McDonald’s internal “Sustainable Supply Chain Working Group” (SSCWG) was established to “develop the strategies and tools necessary to accomplish McDonald’s vision of sustainable sourcing”. That vision is a sustainable supply chain “that profitably yields high-quality, safe products without supply interruptions while creating a net benefit for employees, their communities, biodiversity and the environment”. A paper published by the Harvard Business School, April 16th, 2007; “McDonald’s Corporation: Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain”, notes that McDonald’s could build on its successful business plan and at the same time pursue
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In order to mitigate disagreements over sustainability priorities McDonald’s needs to reach out to the local communities and governments to discuss issues that may affect the local economy and understand that tradeoffs and compromise are a solution to differing expectations. Some sustainability efforts may not be compatible with customs and traditions or even appearance in some locations. In addition, when balancing the differing views of sustainability and the ability for economic growth within McDonald’s worldwide sales territories, McDonald’s must rely on expert and consumer opinions in those various locations. McDonald’s must recognize the important role these groups play in their sustainability strategy. McDonald’s must and appears to recognize that it is not morally or even practicable for Europeans and Americans to believe that the only way to supply chain sustainability is their way. McDonald’s ability to meet the needs of individual employees, consumers and suppliers will certainly enhance their sustainability efforts and again reinforce their brand. Next; “How should McDonald’s engage suppliers, activists and other stakeholders in its supply chain efforts?” McDonald’s must continue to recognize the importance of all of their stakeholders in maintaining their sustainability efforts in their supply chain. They must continue to discuss the stakeholders concerns and work towards equitable solutions together.


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