Mayo Clinic Paper

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Mayo Clinic Paper
Molly Sjurson
Management 4450
February 1st, 2011

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit clinic which helps provide unique care to every individual patient through education, research, and practice. Mayo Clinic’s website provides services such as online office visits, secure messages, medical records, upcoming appointments, online bill pay, prescription refills, and registration updates. Mayo Clinic employs physicians, students, scientists and allied health personnel in order to follow the Clinic’s philosophy of “the patient comes first” as one of the largest clinics with over 1,700 medical doctors achieving high quality at a low cost (1). Many people have begun venturing online to self-manage their health and are looking
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Mayo Clinic could utilize these sponsorship sources to further the company’s research greatly. Mayo Clinic differs from other hospitals by specializing in hard to treat diseases and puts forth extra research in treating diseases which have gone undiagnosed and un-treated (8). Mayo Clinic has branded and marketed the company as a patient-first hospital. Mayo Clinic effectively reached out to patients and the general public by promoting the tagline, “The needs of the Patient always come first”. The company has created a positive image and therefore awards such as Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”, give the Mayo Clinic free positive advertising to the entire country (7). Mayo Clinic uses this in the market strategy; they also have well established themselves on the internet that if a person were to search “medical advice” on Google, Mayo Clinic is one the first websites to pop-up on the search results. The Mayo Clinic website has established the company’s image very well, as a not-for-profit company the Mayo Clinic is ranked the 2nd best hospital in the Country. The thorough and extensive research Mayo Clinic utilizes is far more reader-friendly than competitors. Mayo Clinic could improve on the revenue flow the company has, putting advertisements on the website would help medical suppliers and also help raise even more funds for the company. As of now Mayo Clinic is


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