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Statement of Problem Based on the article, Joe’s sales manager definitely did not do a good job as sales coach and sales leader in this case. His action and behavior was not helpful to Joe in order to convert the sales instead his language and body language had made the situation worse. In addition, he did not coach Joe effectively before the call and on-the-job. Based on the textbook, “the best sales managers should have a vision of where the sales force is going, and they have the ability to describe that vision is exciting terms.” (Spiro, R. L., Rich, G. A., and Stanton, W. J.) Obviously Joe’s manager didn’t foreseen the direction of the sales meeting before it happened. Even though the sales manager had some valuable questions in …show more content…

Also, I would go over customer analysis to determine the possible characteristics of the hospital. In this case, the hospital is the end user which means they buy the product and they use the product, so I would have to help Joe to focus on the selling points based on the hospital needs. According to the textbook, “performing a customer analysis also requires a determination of why customers are buying the product and what their buying habits are. (Spiro, R. L., Rich, G. A., and Stanton, W. J.) Then I would seat in with Joe during the meeting however I will let Joe handle the conversation majorly, and add some necessary key points that Joe might have missed at the right timing during the conversation.
A successful sales leader needs to improve on sales training skill and establishes the needs of potential clients by doing strategies analysis and customer analysis. A situational leadership is required because each sales person is different, a good manager should work together to help sales people achieve their goal and to maximize their strengths while decrease their mistakes. Coaching is critical including coaching before the call, on-the-job and after the call because a good coaching before the call can help salespeople to understand the targeted clients so they can perform better and a good analysis report after the call can help sales people