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Marketing case: Digital Angel (VeriChip)
1. Do you perceive any significant differences in the concept of RFID badges versus that of Digital Angels VeriChip?
The Digital Angel’s VeriChip is placed beneath your skin to monitor the following: identifying you, tracking you, and monitoring your health. The system is powered by body heat. There is potential that it will be used for monitoring chronically ill patients, tracking livestock to ensure food quality, tracking people that are at risk of kidnapping, enforcing the terms of parole, and identifying people for security and e commerce applications. The information from the chip is relayed either to another GPS signal or to a wireless communications signal to a remote monitoring system.
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Excluding your response in question 4, why would these individuals support such action? Address the implications.
8. Do you agree with the definition of “controlling authority?”
I do not agree with controlling authority the examples of the controlling authority were a parent in case of a kidnapping, a owner in case of theft and a doctor in case of an ill patient. That doesn’t seem to me that the controlling authority has very much control at all if that is all they can do with the chip. The real controlling authority is the ones that have access to the chip at any time of day. The people running the ground station are the real ones with the control because they can get a hold of all your personal information and learn everything about you. That is a scary thought because we have no idea who would be running the ground station. Plus we have a problem with hackers trying to get into secret government operations. Hackers will defiantly be trying to break into the ground station computers to get information on us. I don’t feel that the controlling authority has very much authority.
9. Would you be willing to permit the implantation of Digital Angel’s VerChip or similar device on you or your loved one? If you are working as a team, submit a reply from each individual.
Hayley Duckworth: I defiantly would not allow the chip to be placed in myself or my loved ones. There will always be hackers, how much protection