Lizzie Borden Murders

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For the past century, the Murders of Andrew J. Borden and his wife Abby Borden became one of America’s obsessions. From the towns’ people of Fall River Massachusetts to the rest of the country, the Borden murders became the topic of interest. The case shocked the nation as Lizzie Borden- a 32 year old school teacher- was put on trial for the murders of her parents.
On August 4, 1892, at 92 Second Street Fall River Massachusetts, Andrew Borden and Abby Borden were found murdered in their homes. Andrew Borden, the richest man in Fall River, was found dead by his daughter Lizzie Borden, on a couch in the sitting area. Lizzie called to the household maid, Bridget Sullivan, to come down from the attic to inform her that Mr. Borden was dead.
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Mrs. Borden went up to the guest bedroom where Uncle John had stayed to later be killed in that same room between the time of nine and ten o’clock. By three the bodies had been moved to the dining room table to perform the autopsies and police officers started their investigation. At around seven that evening Lizzie’s sister Emma returned. Mr. and Mrs. Borden’s funeral took place on August 6th; however they weren’t buried because the medical examiner wanted to perform another autopsy on them where plaster casts of their skulls were made. Then, on August seventh, Miss Russell witnessed Lizzie burning a dress in the kitchen stove. Due to Miss. Russell witnessing Lizzie burning the dress judge Blaisdell charged Lizzie with the murders of Mr. and Mrs. Borden.
The trial lasted fourteen days, from June 5th to June 20th, 1893. The Jury was made up of twelve middle-aged men. William H. Moody had made the opening statements for the prosecution, presenting three arguments; Lizzie was guilty of the murders and that she’d planned it, she did in fact commit the murders, and lastly, her behavior wasn’t consistent with innocence. When the skulls of Mr. and Mrs. Borden were shown to the courtroom, it is said that Lizzie fell to the floor and fainted. The prosecution called on many witnesses that testified against Lizzie, saying she tried to poison her parents, and she was angry that her father was going to possibly change his will. When the defense stated their case it only took