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Assignment A
As a PR assistant at Tesco you have been asked to give a speech to business students at the London School of Economics. In your speech you account for some of Tesco's current problems and comment on the company's efforts to solve them taking the changing consumer behavior into consideration.

You may find additional online information in English to support, illustrate and/or update your points.

Write the manuscript in English. Remember to document all your sources.

1: Tesco's current problems
2: Tesco's efforts to solve the problems
3: Consumer behavior
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One option could be to use Internet based shopping to help the customers save time. In times where the number of smartphones are increasing, a free application that enable users to easily order product from the stores with a few finger clicks, would help people to save time and use their spare time for other useful things. One problem when you are shopping in a retail store is that you might end up in a long line. Most people shop at the same time of the day, that is, when they are getting home from work. That creates problems with long lines at the cash disk. To prevent all that wast of time waiting in line, you could install small cash disks with self-service to make the payment much faster for the busy customers. We have already seen self-service cash disks but in Tesco we think that self-service cash disk will be a part of the future shopping to a much higher degree.
Finally, let me sum up the main points of my presentation on this subject: * How the retail market, the world and us customers has changed. * Tesco terrible 12 months and how we will solve the problems * Ideas of shopping in the future – E-business, but still physical stores
I believe that we at Tesco have done a great job so far. But there is still a long way to go. If we want to keep on being one of the biggest companies in the world we have to keep on focusing on the constant changing culture and