“Leadership Is the Most Important Factor in Managing Change” Analytically Assess This Statement

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“Leadership is the most important factor in Managing change”

Analytically assess this statement

By Thomas Atkin Student number: 02000314
To analytically assess the statement that leadership is the most important factor in managing change, it must first be clarified what is understood by the different terms being used. In this essay I will look firstly at what leadership actually means, then at what constitutes good leadership; I will consider why change may be needed, and what other factors might be at play in influencing change; and finally I shall look at
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A good leader must first ensure s/he understands the various processes and procedures within the organisation: this can be achieved by breaking down each aspect of the operation to see where change is going to be needed. Any change must be tailored to the needs of the company, and communicated in such a way that others will want to go along with it. A clear plan will then need to be established and put in place, including the process required to implement any changes. There will need to be a specific sequence of events and appropriate time scales, set within clear boundaries and in an order of priorities (Paul Strebel). Clearly setting out these changes for all in the organisation to see will enable others to understand the need for them to happen, as well as to know their part within it; this is important in order that all parties can work together towards a defined goal (Zaccaro, Gilbert, Thor and Mumford 1991).

Jan Trimmer is an example of a COE who believed in communicating with his employees when change was required. He gave them the reasons why there needed to be change, and set goals they could understand and act upon. His leadership ensured that the employees did not feel sceptical about change but instead trusted that it was the right approach for the company to take. By looking at the social perspective


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