Kozy Shack

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Emily Chan Professor Hirakubo W4200 8-31-11
Business Case #1: Kozy Shack
SWOT Analysis of Kozy Shack
* Fresh and natural products- Kozy Shack produce their products daily, ensuring freshness. They also use high quality ingredients with no preservatives, making their products all natural. This is important because Americans are becoming more and more health conscious. * Kozy Shack made a point to position their products in the market as nutritional, healthy, and family holiday ready for the more affluent family. In that market positioning, people are associating their
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Since it was all natural and healthy (containing no preservatives), it would naturally be found in the refrigerated section.
“The brand was characterized as follows: nostalgic (a snack made by mothers and grandmothers), nutritional, smart choice, and healthy for the family” (Page 5). This brand was positioned in the market as “comfort food” geared towards busy women going about their hectic schedule. This company was the pioneer of the adult dessert segment and that is what they are best known for. The only downfall I believe this brand has is its inability to raise public awareness. Only twenty percent of the population is aware of its existence. If this brand could somehow increase its visibility it can fair way better in the market. Its position in the market is number three which is high considering its low visibility in major media outlets. In all honesty, before I read this case on Kozy Shack, I could only vaguely remember that the Kozy Shack brand was nearby the type of yogurt that I generally buy, the brand never really caught my attention.
Despite that short coming, the positioning of the product is well placed, more and more American adults are switching over to healthier life styles, while trying to get everything done on typically tight schedules. What Americans are after is increasingly trending towards great taste, super convenience, and nutrition. Kozy Shack products seem to fit that