Justification by Faith

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OCTOBER 2015 Table of Contents

Definition 3-5
How is the term justification defined by scholars? What is your own definition based on your research?

Basis 5-6
What is the act of being justified based or grounded on, that is, what is necessary to have happened or to be true in order for justification to be possible?

Means 6-7
How does one obtain justification? What is the means by which one is justified?

Time Factors 7-8
Is justification an act or a process? Is it instantaneous or gradual?

Results/Fruits 8-10
Once one
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This issue of “Sola Fide” was at its core one of Luther’s deepest problems with the Roman Catholic Church. Reformed doctrine declares that in Sola Fide, the instrumental cause of justification is faith and faith alone. Faith is not the ground of justification. Rather, it is the instrument by which the believer is linked to Christ.
Based on my research, I define justification as a matter of grace. In Titus 3:7, we read, “That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.” Additionally, Justification is the imputation of God’s righteousness (Rom. 3:21-31). God has revealed His righteousness, apart from works of the law (21-23). The prophets and law testify to this righteousness (21). For this righteousness comes by means of faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe (22). There is no distinction among believers, and the need for justification is universal, because all have sinned and all come short of the glory of God (23). What is even more humbling, is God has provided righteousness through Jesus Christ (24-26). God provides justification as an act of His grace (24). God provided justification by faith when He publicly displayed Christ as the propitiation for sins (25-26).
Regarding the act, basis, or ground of being justified, Pieter DeVries aptly states, “The ground of


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