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Jurisdiction, who gets what?
Gabraille Driscol
American InterContinental University
CRJ215-1204D Dr. Gwenda Hawk

Who gets what when it comes to jurisdiction, how do you tell if it’s a state matter or a federal matter? Whether state or federal there are strict jurisdictions that both state and federal has to follow. From subject and personal jurisdiction, to the three types of personal jurisdiction. Each court has set boundaries that govern their rights. Without these rights there would be no subject matter. No one would go to the appreciate courts or have the correct measures to even known which court they are supposed to go to. But weather federal or state jurisdiction is going to take part in each case.

There are two
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Divorce court works a little differently than the rest of the courts I recently named. Divorce court would fall under the title of In Rem because this one gives the court power to adjudicate over a property or status, Hence marriage. Lastly Quasi In Rem is surrounding a property all together, when you foreclose your house you have Quasi In Rem your home. It is no longer a part of your belongings it now belongs to the court. Quasi In Rem seeks not to determine the rights of the world in a piece of property, but rather, the rights between the lender and the borrower. (U.S. 1977) Furthermore, when it comes to federal courts they also have jurisdiction that they have to follow; But in order for a federal court to have personal jurisdiction over a case they must not only have jurisdiction over the subject matter of action, but also have jurisdiction over each party to the action. What does this mean to society is that the question arises whether someone from another state can be forced to come to the state where the lawsuit was filed. For example someone who is originally from Tennessee cannot be forced to come to Florida for a trial unless they have full jurisdiction over the person and trial. This is also known as Due Process of law which requires appearance or service of process (notice of lawsuit) before the defendant can be personally


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