Joy Luck Club

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Joy Luck Club


The eight main characters of the movie all had to contend with different types of conflicts, some such as Waverly's Mother had to endure a type of social conflict from the 1st wife and other concubines, the unjust discrimination of the husband's family, while other characters such as Mei-mei had to endure a life of living under the shadow of Waverly. But each of the characters despite having different types of conflicts be it elemental, physical or psychological, all had to endure one glaringly similar psychological conflict - Each woman had to contend with their own weaker selves, before being able to confront their respective problems, be it an abusive husband or an overbearing mother, each protagonist had to first
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has enough sense to accommodate her own life and not for the sake in pleasing her mother. Realistic in the sense that the happiest people on this earth are happy with who they are, and there are truly these kinds of people around. Motivated or compelling enough that we believe that she has enough strength to give her mother's happiness to her sisters. Compassionate enough to evoke sympathy for her courage to bring the same happiness towards her friends and sisters, at the same time identify with her anguish at her mother's imposing attitude towards her until we find out the reason for this attitude.

Consistent in her headstrong manner and refusal to be dominated by her mother and at the same time seek acceptance for who she is. Dynamic enough to accurately portray the Asiatic yuppie in America. Realistic in her depth of seeking approval for what she has done and with which relationships she gets into, every daughter wants approval of the boy she brings home. Motivated in her quest in the acceptance in her lifestyle. Evokes compassion from the viewers in her effort of not being dominated by her mother.

Consistent in being the happy homemaker in the sense that she tries to salvage a broken marriage. Has enough vitality to find happiness w/ or w/o her husband. Realistic in the sense that every wife tries to keep a marriage together. Realistic since some spouses despite the love given by a


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