Job Analysis

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Job analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing, and setting out information about the content of jobs and the related qualifications necessary for one to perform them. The process involves use of methods and procedures to determine the duties, responsibilities, working conditions, working relationships, and required qualifications.

Job analysis produces the following information about a job:
1 Overall purpose: Why the job exists and, in essence, what the holder is expected to contribute.
2 Content: the nature and scope of the job in terms of tasks and operations to be performed and duties to be carried out — i.e. the processes of converting inputs, such as knowledge, skills and abilities, into outputs (results).
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The relative worth of job is established through job evaluation. With this kind of information at hand, the following outcomes can be attained:

(a) A compensation package can be developed for each job.
(b) Internal pay equity can be ensured.
(c) The level of pay within the organization can be matched to the prevailing rates in the industry.

7 Safety and Health
A comprehensive job analysis helps supervisors and employees be aware of risks and hazards associated with the machines and tools in use as well as the work environment. It also enables management provide special facilities and work arrangements for the physically challenged employees, pregnant workers, and other vulnerable people.

• Job Design /Redesign
Information from job analysis is useful in decisions to enlarge or enrich jobs. These are processes that bring about improvement in work methods, reduction in errors, elimination of unnecessary materials handling and duplication of effort, reduction of fatigue, increased employee commitment and, hopefully, performance. Realistic job preview
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Realistic job previews (RJPs) are devices used in the early stages of personnel[->2] selection to provide potential applicants with information on both positive and negative aspects of the job (Premack & Wanous, 1985).
The employee exchange or psychological contract[->3] between employer and


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