Jimmy John's Research Paper

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Jimmy John’s
My personal reason to investigate Jimmy John’s is that I have had the experience of being a delivery driver for the franchise for the last two years. In this time I have learned some information about the business that is not commonly known and what happens outside of the customers’ views.
In 1983, Jimmy John Liautaud perfected his award-winning bread and opened up his first Jimmy John’s restaurant. Jimmy John did not have a lot of money to start out his company and he was even unable to pay for an ice machine in his restaurant. His goal to expand the restaurant was to go around sampling his sandwiches and letting customers know about his cheap prices and that he delivered. This is still something the company is prided on
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On their website the total initial investment is estimated to be anywhere from $305,500 –to $487,500. The website provides eleven steps that must be taken before opening a Jimmy John’s franchise.
“1. Franchise candidate receives and reviews the Jimmy John’s franchise information and promptly returns the completed confidential application to the Jimmy John’s corporate office.” (Jimmy John’s)
“2. Franchise development representative reviews application.” (Jimmy John’s)
“3. An appointment is set with qualified candidate to visit Jimmy John’s corporate office, where the candidate will then be disclosed with our current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).” (Jimmy John’s)
“4. A questionnaire is completed by the franchise applicant. A background check and credit history report is obtained by Jimmy John’s corporate office and reviewed.” (Jimmy John’s)
“5. Franchise review committee notifies candidate that they are approved or denied.” (Jimmy John’s)
“6. A Franchise Agreement is sent to the approved candidate to be signed and the franchise fee is paid. Password to owner’s section of Jimmy John’s website is provided to franchisee.” (Jimmy John’s)
“7. The approved franchisee attends orientation in Champaign, IL.” (Jimmy John’s)
“8. All potential sites are submitted by the franchisee to Jimmy John’s for approval, we will also be working on sites.” (Jimmy John’s)
“9. Jimmy John’s does an initial store layout. You follow the process that Jimmy John’s has