Jet Blue Case

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Jet Blue Case
“Delighting costumers through happy jetting”

Questions for Discussion

1. Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that JetBlue customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of each for JetBlue’s practices?


* Food * To sit * Security


* Coffee juices and snacks. * Comfortable sit * Entertainment * Variety of channels * Nice and confortable terminal with more security lanes. * Free Wi-Fi


* Legroom and flatter recline position * Dunkin Donuts coffee * Leather sits * LCD entertainment system * Latest movies and favorite TV show for
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People like the staff to be friendly and the staff is friendly and also say jokes, I mean Jet Blue is a company that in everything they do, try to always give the extra mile. They are compromise with their customers. Another example could be, they have twitter account where they receive advices from their customers and employees and Jet Blue is aware of every advice and complain, that’s another added value.

5. Is JetBlue likely to continue being successful in building 
customer relationships? Why or why not?

Yes I think Jet Blue is a company that seems likely to continuous being successful, because they have put all efforts on customer satisfaction, but also in their employee’s commodity, they offer part time jobs and also you could work at home. I really believe that when the employee is happy with the job the customer will receive an A list treatment. I consider that if Jet blue continuous doing their job in the way they are doing it, they will stay in the market for a long time.


Sometimes Company just focuses on making profits but they avoid the fact that in order to make profit you must have a strategy to follow. That is why some company never became successful, they have no strategy, they just a series of objectives and goals but they don’t know the way of how to accomplish those objectives. They lack of strategy is what it drive those companies to failure.
Jet Blue Airline is a company that seems to have a very strong


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