Isys100 Practical Exam

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ISYS Practical exam
Blog Short response considerations
You will need to consider: - The layout

- Colors and Backgrounds

- Logo

- Tags

A blog (short for Web log) is a type of Web page that features entries that provide a commentary on a single subject (the benefits of recycling household garbage) or a particular genre (politics, religion, green living, fashion, and so on). Blogs are essentially online journals, often written by a single person. Postings to blogs are not necessarily in any particular order but rather reflect what a blogger (a person who creates and maintains a blog) is thinking about at the time.
Blog posts are the text, images, and/or videos that provide information to
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Maintain a professional-looking blog – Having a clean, organized design for your blog and blog posts that are free of grammatical errors
Be innovative – Your blog should have a unique slant to it that sets it apart from other blogs. Often this is the creative writing style of the blogger. In other instances, a blog approaches a topic in a unique way that other bloggers have not yet thought about.
Connect with others –comments on a blog post to encourage interaction. Links to other sites/blogs that share a common feature
Become indexed in search engines and blog directories

Planning a blog
What is your topic? -If your topic is too broad (i.e., saving energy), you might not attract much readership because people searching the Web are often looking for specific information. Conversely, if your topic is too narrow you might quickly run out of things about which you can blog.
What will you call your blog? –title sets the tone for your blog. Avoid using cutesy names or clever plays on words unless you are creating a personal blog. Green Computing Tips would be a better title for a blog than Techno Green.
What will you choose for your URL?
How often will you post? This is often determined by how much time you have to devote to your blog. If you are blogging for only personal fulfillment or to communicate with family and friends, the frequency of your posting is not that important. However, different for