Island of Kora Ethics

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The Island of Kora


THE ISLAND OF KORA acts as the case designed to bring all the points discussed in this class together. Therefore, this case calls for an application of all the points that have been previously discussed. After reading the case, design a plan for solving the islander’s problems. Your plan should include the theoretical basis your plan uses, the decision making procedure you would use, as well as the specific action you would take to resolve the problem. Also, do not forget that in the islander’s eyes you are the Supreme Being. (About 5 typed pages)

When confronted with the daunting task of saving a population, there are many factors that must be taken
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We must look to the seas for addition food sources. This will also be incorporated into my plan.

We will establish roles within our society. It is important that everyone pull together in our time of need. We will not create a class system. Instead, we will create a system that is based on efficiency and productivity. Led by our elders, everyone on the island will be given a role to fulfill, for our survival. Some of the natives will tend to the crops. Other natives will tend to the livestock. Others will tend to our very young children and teach them the ways of our land. We will need to learn to how to fish and use the water as a source of life. With the resources at hand, we will have to work together, like that of a bee hive, in order to have a future. One role is not any better than that of another role.

Our rationing plans and roles will not ensure our prosperity. In order to help, we are will have to take a more aggressive role with the sea. In the 1800’s Eskimos used to put their elderly out to die when they were no longer supportive of the group. While this is no longer the case, this practice will have to be implemented. Instead of just putting them on ice floes, they will be asked to go out and aggressively fish the surf. If they are successful, they will be allowed to remain to live and continue to fish. If they are not successful, they will perish in the sea trying. By sending out 400 hundred natives to fish,


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