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Part of a usability study to assess the usability of voting machines included a measure of the time on task (TOT) of voters casting ballots. The data are for the same ballot cast on two different voting machines at the same location. A few background items: * The voters (participants/users) are a homogeneous group. * Voters were randomly assigned to theo vting machines. * Due to items 1 and 2 above, assume the two groups of voters (one group using the DRE voting machine, and the other using the OptiScan voting machine) have equal variances. * We have no information to indicate that one voting machine will be faster than the other. Your job will be to
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Two-tailed test should be used. Question 4 – Is the t value significant at the 0.05 level, and why? Yes the t value is significant at the 0.05 level because the p value is 0.0088 which is less than significance level and by conventional criteria; this difference is looks like to be very statistically significant. Question 6 – Based on (1) the above analysis, and (2) the number of ballots completed (see spreadsheet), what, if anything can you conclude? I would refuse with this null hypothesis because my p value is less than the significance level.

Problem 3 Part of a usability study to assess 2 products measured the success rate of people performing a specific task on each product. Your job is to analyze the data and draw whatever conclusions you believe you can get from the data. Since the task is pass/fail, you’ll need to use a binomial test. A spreadsheet is provided on Blackboard to perform assist you. A few background items: * The participants/users are a homogeneous group. * They were randomly assigned to the groups. * Due to items 1 and 2 above, assume the two groups have equal variances. * We have no evident beforehand that one group would perform better than the other. * Question 1 –


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