Interview with a Flight Paramedic

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Interview with a Flight Paramedic
HAS 1102 Current Issues in Health

Interview with a Flight Paramedic
Look up in the sky, it is a bird, it is a plane, it is a Flight Paramedic. Flight paramedics fly aboard helicopters also known as Air Ambulances or Medevac. Flight paramedic is part of the medical team, they are are often requested to form part of the aircrew of the helicopter in rescue operations. Typically, the Flight Medic will work with a registered nurse, physician, Respiratory Therapist, or another Paramedic. The helicopter rescue service is used where a land ambulance is unable to reach the patient, or the patient is so critically ill or injured that transportation by a land ambulance would put the patient’s life in further
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Answer- “Most of the time my patients are comatose or have an altered mental status. With that being said, my choices of treatments are in the best interest of my patients. I treat them as if they were my family members.” (Monk, 2011)
Question- What do you view as three determinants that help their patients’ access their care or not access their care.
Answer-“My patients normally meet the State of Florida Trauma Criteria, without meeting any of these criteria then you will not have access to a helicopter. Normal the patients that I see have been in a major car accident or an accident some sort. Burn Victims is another one that is very common on the list. (Attach trauma criteria)” (Monk, 2011)
Question- What do you think of the healthcare legislation and how it will impact their practice?
Answer-“I think that it is a bunch of politicians trying to get back at each other. With me working in the private sector, I do not have to worry a lot about the recent healthcare legislation. We are making money for the hospitals and trauma surgeons, the average helicopter ride is $16,000, yes, that is a hefty fee, but your life is priceless.” (Monk, 2011)
Question- What do you think the future of your profession


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