Internal Organizational Politics

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Questions: 1. The typical U.S. employee works in an establishment with about 600 full-time and 72 part-time workers. It is also true that the median numbers for full- and part-time workers are 50 and 2. Explain this apparent paradox.

2. Why are small companies important to our economy? What are the major problems faced by small companies?

3. Give some examples of how organizations can affect the cities in which they are based.

4. How can internal organizational changes affect the social structure of the organization? How can managers minimize the negative aspects of change in order to preserve the social structure?

5. Explain the differences between horizontal and vertical differentiation. Give examples to support your
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32. Identify three writers/researchers who are associated with the Population-Ecology model describing their contributions. Then relate this model (benefits and/or problems) to one real-work experience of your own.

33. Outline the benefits and problems associated with the Institutional Paradigm. Go online to provide one reference that provides insight into how institutionalization processes shape organizational decision-makers' choices. Give your own summary and conclusions on this particular paradigm.

34. Explain the four concepts of "autonomous strategies". Next, provide two outside current Internet references to back up your explanations and conclusions.

35. CASE STUDY: Jesse, Jessica, and Jose are triplets who have gone into the Bridal Gown business. They understand that this is a seasonal business and want you (a recent MBA graduate) to advise them on how to strategize their business processes to help minimize dependence on other organizations. However, besides the alternatives possible, you think that bargaining might also help them. Write out your advice and give your concluding points.

36. Contrast the Adaptive Learning Approach to organizational change with the Knowledge Development Approach.

37. What are some of the organizational characteristics that have been found to be related to high levels of innovation?

38. Improper change is dangerous and could lead to


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