Intercultural Communication Quiz

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Intercultural Communication Quiz

Underline the best answer to the following 32 multiple choice questions.


1. Cultural demographics in the United States have changed due largely to ___a__.
a. a decrease in the European-American population
b. government efforts to increase immigration from Central American countries
c. reorganization of neighborhood boundary lines
d. an increase in the Latino and Asian American populations

2. Communication is defined as ___c__.
a. symbolic
b. a process
c. involving the creation of shared meanings
d. all of the above

3. Culture is taught by the explanations people receive for the natural and human events around them. This process is an example of how culture ___d__.
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the skill to enact alternative relational dynamics
d. all of the above -----------------------------d

22. John does not like the fact that his home town is invaded every summer by strangers. He knows that the town’s economy is dependent on tourism, but he keeps his distance by avoiding contact with them. John’s attitude toward tourists demonstrates a _a____ attitude of residents toward tourism.
a. resistance
b. revitalization and adoption
c. boundary maintenance
d. retreatism

23. Costa Ricans have embraced tourism, particularly eco-tourism, as a means of stabilizing their economy. The benefits have bee so substantial that many residents of communities near tourist attractions have accepted tourism as part of their social and cultural fabric. The Costa Ricans have taken a __c___ attitude toward tourism
a. revitalization
b. retreatism
c. boundary maintenance
d. resistance

24. Which of the following is not a symptom of culture shock?
a. different climate conditions
b. anger or frustration with service people
c. complaints about the sights or smells
d. a patronizing attitude toward the local culture d

25. Omar is confused by his new boss, Ted, who does not seem to act like a boss. “He’s always asking for suggestions and told us to call him by his first name,” he told a colleague. “Do you think he really knows what he is doing?” Omar probably comes from a culture which values ___a__.
a. low


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