Illiberal Democracy

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Fareed Zakaria: The Rise of Illiberal Democracy

Fareed Zakaria’s The Rise of Illiberal Democracy seeks to elucidate the reader on the rise of democracy around the world as well as the distinguishable difference between illiberal and liberal democracies as he sees them. Zakaria also describes how he believes democracy and liberalism joined together in synchronization to form what is our government today. Democracy is infamous for being arduous to define. Specifically speaking democracy has the tendency of being indicative of a government in which the people have a fair and equal say in the “procedures for selecting government“, but not necessarily afforded the protection of what we as Americans
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When Rosa parks refused to give up her seat on the bus it gave way to the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott that made Martin Luther King Jr. a major figure in the fueling of this movement. There were many of these famous events taking place all across America, each leading little by little just a few more freedoms such as consolidation of restrooms and water fountains, open lunch counters, and freedom to sit where you please on the buses.

Many of the civil rights organizations had come together to now work towards get blacks registered to vote in efforts to being to slowly gain political power so that they can assist in the reformation of laws. They gathers voters assisted them in covering the cost of the poll tax. Anything they could do in order to find political support. They were met with heavy opposition that included beatings, murders, arson, and completely outrageous literacy tests that would have been trying for even the most highly educated. This resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a gateway to the passage of the Voting Rights Act f 1965. The overall result was utilizing these protests, the little voting rights they were afforded, and right to assembly to bring about their full right to vote, right to equal economic freedoms and socioeconomic opportunities, right to equal education just to name a few.

Prior to the Civil


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