IS3220 Project Network Survey Chris Wig

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IS3220 Project Network Survey
Chris Wiginton, Jose Rosado
ITT Technical Institute, Tampa FL
Instructor: Sherman Moody
10 October, 2014

Besides the basic physical security of a site, the next most important aspect is controlling digital access into and out of the organization’s network. In most cases this means controlling the points of connectivity to the outside world, typically the Internet. Partitioning the boundary between the outside Internet and the internal intranet is a critical security piece. Any services not actually needed should be turned off so that they will not become avenues of attack for security threats. Different systems will have different services running by default. The firewall process can tightly
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It is used for network-connected print devices. This port should remain open to allow print services.
Port 9110: SSMP Message protocol - This protocol is intended to be used to implement thread-to-thread messaging locally or over the Internet. Ports registered with IANA are shown as official ports. The same port number may be unofficially used by various services or applications. Unofficially or sometimes with conflict, the same port may be used by different applications. This port is not associated with any particular services and should be closed unless it is associated and used.
Port 9220: This port is for raw scanning to peripherals with IEEE 1284.4 specifications. On three port HP Jetdirects, the scan ports are 9290, 9291, and 9292. It is used for network-connected print devices. This port should remain open to allow print services.
Port 9500: TCP Port 9500 may use a defined protocol to communicate depending on the application. In our case we are using port 9500 to access the ISM Server. The ISM Server is used for exchanging backup and recovery information between storage devices. This port should remain open while services are in use.
Port 62078: This port is used by iPhone while syncing. The Port used by UPnP for multimedia files sharing, also used for synchronizing iTunes files between devices. Port 62078 has a known vulnerability in that a service named lockdownd sits and listens on the iPhone on