Hypothesis Testing Paper

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Hypothesis Testing
MTH 233/Elementary Statistics

In this paper, Team A will be determining and discussing how there will be an overall shortage of truck drivers in the years of 2012 and 2014. We will be using a null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis to determine which hypothesis is correct. The subject that is being testing is the issue of a possible decrease in the number of truck drivers that are present on our roads today.

A hypothesis test is being conducted to test the shortage of truck drivers in the coming years. Within the past years, the trucking industry has seen a decrease in the number of drivers on the road. This is due in part to the economy as well as the many regulations that are placed upon the
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Interpreting Results and Limitations
According to the American Trucking Association, there is a significant shortage of truck drivers in the United States that could reach 700,000 over the next decade (Beard, 2011). How has this shortage affected the number of drivers on the road? Is the decrease in the number of drivers significant?
This is all significant to the trucking industry primarily because there is a shortage. The trucking industry is made up of an estimated 8.9 million people. In 2006 alone, the trucking industry logged over 430 billion miles. This was a steep increase from 2005. The economy is a chief contributor to the demand of truck drivers. If companies are not selling as much product the volume of goods transported via trucks will decrease and vice versus. Another component to this is that unemployment is on the rise which will contribute to the shortage of drivers as companies do not have the financial means to employ more drivers.
Limitations to this study include that gas prices have increased considerably since 1994. Also, major economical changes have occurred in the past decade. Conclusion
With the results of this testing, it has been shown that there is a significant decrease in the number of truck drivers that are on the road today and that there will be a shortage in 2012-2014. The reasoning is due to many factors which include the increase in the regulations and mandates that the industry has incurred over the past


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