How a Car Is Built

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How A Car is Made – Ford Mustang

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Phuong Nguyen

The Ford Mustang from Start to Finish

Building a car is no simple task, as shown in this video of how a Ford Mustang is made from start to finish. The process of assembling a car is one that requires a large amount of both human and material resources. This video shows every subassembly, bolt, and piece of metal that is used in creating the resulting product, a Ford Mustang. Even though one part or one
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Convertible Mustangs has a sub assembly that is attached to the car to produce the roof of the Mustang. Afterwards, the windows are added and are set using a machine. Any part that moves in any way, a machine called a “setter” is used to set the part correctly and precisely. Next the rear tail lights are added, along with a subassembly, the steering wheel which contains the airbags. The steering wheel is attached to the dashboard upside down. The dashboard and steering wheel are assembled outside the car and attached afterwards since it is very difficult to work on them from inside the car. Next up is the windshield which already has the rear view mirror attached. The windshield is attached by using very powerful glue. Then the Ford Mustang emblem is attached to the back. Next up is the headlights and indicator signals. The transmission engine is then combined to the body of the Mustang, this is done from below. Next is the drive shaft and rear axle that powers the rear wheel drive. Wheel rims are attached to the tires mechanically, quickly and easily and

Phuong Nguyen
then attached to the Mustang. The seats are then attached by hand. Gas is then put into the car in order to drive it away. Finally, the process is complete, after twenty hours and miles of endless assembling, another Ford Mustang is ready to be sold.
Every 90 seconds a Mustang comes out and is driven away. Every step is so very important however the ones that I found most


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