How Branding Affects Consumer Purchasing Research Proposal

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Proposal. How Does Branding Affect Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions?
1. Introduction
Branding is an important element in business. Without a brand, customers have to explain to the sellers in detail about the products that they want, while sellers may be confused or give the wrong products to the customers. Therefore, it can be assumed that brand acts as a sign, name or symbol for the products and services. The main aim of the brand is to identify the products or services of a seller or groups of sellers and differentiate an offering of a seller from that of its rivals (Kotler, 2003).

In recent years, brand played a significant part in the market as the marketers added value to the brand to make it more preferable compared to other
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This research will use secondary data and research evidence from related and relevant studies to develop the questionnaires. The secondary data used in this research will be gained from various sources such as journal article, textbooks, relevant websites, newspapers and dissertations/theses.

3.1 Questionnaire Design
The questionnaire is customised for measuring the customer’s attitude, perception and behaviour when choosing the product brands. A point scale and five rating questions will be used to solicit the information. Structurally, the questionnaire is divided into four parts. The first part involves selecting suitable respondents. The second part is used to measure the respondent’s perception, attitude and buying behaviour of choosing the branded products. The third part is used to evaluate the media behaviour. In the final section, the respondent’s demographic profile, such as household income, will be recorded.

As the market is large, a sampling technique has to be used. In this research, the multiple selection technique, quota sampling and simple random sampling will be employed. Firstly, use quota sampling on age so the probability of the population is the same as the sample. Secondly, use the simple random sampling on location; every district has the same probability of sampling (Schmidt & Hollensen, 2006).

3.2 Data Analysis
The analysis focuses on several aspects of branding and consumer behaviour which are based either on theory or


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