History and Values

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History and Values: Homework Paper Week 1
Michele Kendall
Devry University
HUM 415: Vietnam and the 20th Century Experience

Introduction Many people don’t care about learning history in today’s society. Arguments regarding whether to offer certain history classes are always being debated. Some believe that it’s a waste of time learning about all the wars and tragedies as they move forward into a world of technology. Many will tell you that the past belongs there, in the past. Then why is it a mandatory class for college students? Why is it both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history, in order to understand what is valued by these participants? And what resources will be most helpful to you as a
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Secondary sources can be utilized when gathering information and data through research and presenting it in an orderly manner. This collection of data can be obtained through primary sources and expanded upon through other channels. Books used in schools and college courses are an example of this source. The tertiary source would be the more modern and up-to-date resources such as computers, encyclopedias, reports, articles, journals and magazines. These sources may not be as reliable as the other sources because of the distance from the primary source. They are considered to be reports-about-reports and are open to doubt. (Devry, 2011).
History is being created every day and many don’t even know it….but the past is where the roots of every country lay. It defines us as a whole and as individuals. Who we are, how we got to this point, and where we are going, is based on our history. Not only does it pertain to our country, but to others as well. If we can learn from our past mistakes, then surely we can learn from others. Learning about the way others think and their cultures and values, helps us to understand the past and why things happened. One could say “if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem”. In a sense, learning about history can help us to be a part of the solution. Knowing what sources


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