Healthy Newborn

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Healthy Newborn

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Infant Care at Birth
The nursery RN places the infant under a radiant warmer and starts to dry her quickly.

What is the rationale for these actions?
A) Heat production is increased through stimulation.
Drying the infant may increase heat production, but this is not the best method to correct the newborn's body temperature.

B) Convective heat loss from evaporation is reduced.
Drying the infant quickly and placing her under a radiant warmer reduces heat loss through evaporation and radiation.

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This action will make the situation worse, not improve it.

D) Notify the healthcare provider immediately about the temperature.
The nurse is capable of providing care to remedy this situation. It is not necessary to notify the healthcare provider.

Newborn Assessment
While examining the infant's head, the nurse notes soft swelling of the scalp that extends across the suture lines of the fetal skull.

Which action should the nurse take in response to this finding?
A) Document the finding in the record.
This finding indicates caput succedaneum, which commonly occurs after a vaginal birth.

B) Monitor the tension of the anterior fontanel.
Although the anterior fontanel should be monitored, it is not related to this finding.

C) Report the finding to the healthcare provider.
It is not necessary to report this finding to the healthcare provider.

D) Apply cool compresses to prevent more swelling.
Applying cool compresses is not the proper action for the nurse to take.

The nurse notes a bluish discoloration of the skin across the infant's sacral area.

Which should the nurse do in response to this finding?
A) Assess the infant for cold stress.
An overall mottled appearance is usually more indicative of cold stress.

B) Refer the parent to the care of a pediatric specialist.
A referral to a pediatric specialist is not necessary as a result of this


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