Happiness and People

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Psychologists have not located assured causes that lead people to well-being. David G. Myers in his article “The Funds, Friends, and Faith of Happy People” published in the American Psychologist (2000) and Michael Wiederman in “Why It's So Hard to Be Happy” published in the Scientific American Mind (2007), discuss the reasons which lead people to be happy, and the factors which contribute to unhappiness. Both authors concur that two factors that might escort people to satisfaction are relationships and personality. Myers mentions that a correlation, such as need to belong, marriage, and a friend, lead people to happiness since humans share their feelings with each other even if it is negative feelings. As a result, they keep the stress …show more content…

During the time to achieve well-being, they might feel nervous, worried, and fanatical. In addition, if they don't accomplish their goal, they seek another, for they think that well-being is not in this goal. Therefore, their life will be full of stress, worry, and fear. Wiederman says that satisfaction may lead to success, but success doesn't lead to well-being, so people who seek achievement are unhappy. Moreover, he explains that a little voice in our minds, which tells us that our well-being is not in our achieved goal leads us to be depressed. Therefore, we will seek another goal, and we will be under pressure, anxious, and worried. Also, happiness will be far away from where we are. In this situation, we might be a strong-linker as mentioned before. According to Myers, faith has a strong correlation with satisfaction since it has three basic elements. Religious people who have a perfect relationship with God feel more comfortable and their chance of getting depressed is less than people who don’t have this correlation. These people usually are active which leads them to be healthier and happier. Also, he adds that faith contents a social support from people who have the same belief with you. Therefore, all these basics predict people to deal with crisis and problems in their lives because " For hunting, six hands were better than two," Myers says. He also mentions that religious people feel happier due to the word


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