Grandma’s Sweet Peanut Butter Cookies

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Have you ever ate one of your favorite foods so much, that every time you reunite with them, it feels like your first time. Well that’s me with my delicious Grandma’s sweet peanut butter cookies from scratch. No matter how many times I eat them it always feels like their new to my taste buds. I will never forget the day my taste buds was in for a surprise. As I approach the turn to my Grandmother's house, my stomach turns in the anticipation of the perfectly sweet peanut butter cookie smell that awaits. As my mother turn up the long narrow gravel road and parked the car in front of her house. I stepped outside and a chilly little breeze bites at my cheeks. I take a deep breath and the sweet smell of burning cedar enters my nose. I …show more content…

Peaceful and filled with joy, but only at grandmas house. As soon as my feet begin to walk to the door, my whole attitude went down like someone socked me in the stomach and made my intestines burst out of my body. It was an awful feeling knowing that I wont be smelling grandmas sweet peanut butter cookies until months. No matter how much I begged and begged to stay grandma always found the best way to get me out the door so I can come back again. She made forever seemed like tomorrow. I loved my grandma with all my heart. It was just something about the cookies that always seem to take my breath away. Not only were they the most delicious sweet peanut butter cookies in the world, they had a special place in our family and in my heart. I now long for the day I will see my dear grandma, but now she’s in heaven and her sweet peanut butter cookies live on through me and my family.

Amber Windom
September 20, 2010
English 1A Section 9459