Google Self Driving Car

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Google Self-Driving Car

Pranaw Kumar

Submitted to Dr. Dale Carl
2nd October 2014

Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario, 2014

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Macro Environmental Analysis 5 PESTEL 5 Political 5 Economic 5 Social 5 Technological 6 Environmental 6 Legal 6 Summary 7 Micro Environmental Analysis 7 Porter’s Five Forces 7 Bargaining Power of supplier 7 Threat of substitutes 8 Bargaining power of customers 8 Threat of New entrants 8 Competitive rivalry 8 Summary 9 Conclusion 10 References 11

Executive Summary
With continuous change in technology there is always continuous advancement in life style, and Google Self-drive car is
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In addition, Canadian government looks to be supportive for this industry. As per The Global and Mail, in 2013 Ontario Ministry of Transportation proposed 5 years program to test autonomous cars. This suggests that politically also Canada is good market for autonomous vehicle industry and considering stability of the government it becomes more favorable market for such technological innovation.
Overall this new industry seems to be promising and Google can be one of the leading players ripping all the benefits by being first one to launch such technology.

Macro Environmental Analysis
Looking into this industry at macro level seems to be favorable for Canadian market. Further exact details can be found using PESTEL analysis.
Canadian market looks favorable for autonomous vehicle industry in terms of political environment. Canadian market is politically stable and has strong tradition of compromise and tolerance. According to an article, there was step taken to test such car in 2013 by bringing 5 years contract. However this decision was put into hold because of provincial elections (The Global and mail, 2014). Canadian government is reluctant to put step forward for actual car since human life is involved and thus suggesting 5 years program to test along with human backup.
Economically this industry seems to be affecting various industries. Like driver industry can


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