Genghis Khan

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Running Head: Chingis Khan 1

Throughout history, many a great empires have been built. Some so vast, that on them the sun never set. These empires however were built by multiple individuals over a period of hundreds of years. The largest empire, however was built by a group of tribal nomads led by an orphaned prince. It was the mongols under Chingis Khan who built the largest empire to ever be conquered by one man. Over the course of only a few decades he shook the world and changed history forever. He was able to rise from poverty to unite the feuding nomadic tribes, then lead those tribes to conquer the worlds largest empire. Finally, he was an amazingly liberal and kind ruler who tolerated all people and gave out unheard of
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The Mongols maneuvered over mountain peaks to encircle and rout the large Jin army and take the capital, the city that is today Beijing. The Mongols now moved to attack central Asia, where the nation of Kara-Khitan Khanate had recently been usurped by it's original owner. Chingis Khan sent only 20'000 men but they were easily able to take over the vast nation. Around this time The new emperor of the Khwarezmian Empire which had killed Mongol traders and diplomats. He was once again outnumbered and had to use strategy to defeat the enemy. The enemy in question was 450'000-500'000 drawn up from central Asia and Persia, mostly against there will. The Mongols used an ingenious
Chingis Khan 3 flanking attack to emerge behind there enemies and utterly destroyed there army and capture there fortresses. Chingis Khan in 1220, sent his best general Subedi with 20'000 men to examine Russia and the surrounding land. This small group however was able to not only explore, but destroy the Georgian and Russian armies forcing them to surrender and become vassals of the Mongols. At the same time Chingis Khan marched his army through Afghanistan and the north of India, as well as attacking and conquering parts of central China. This was to be his last conquest as Chingis Khan died in 1227 as the head of the largest empire the world had ever seen.
Despite his reputation


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