Frito Lay Case Study

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History of the Frito-Lay’s Company :

In 1932, two young entrepreneurs independently began to operate two separate companies that were thousands of miles apart. (Elmer Doolin & Herman W. Lay of Nashville)

1. The Frito Company

In 1932, Elmer Doolin started doing business in a small San Antonio cafe and purchased a bag of corn chips to eat with his sandwich. Mr. Doolin set his new business venture in his mother's kitchen. Because there was no money for hiring employees, his family helped him. In 1933, the fritos production was increased by designing a "hammer" pres and the company continued to expand. In 1945, as American returned to peace-time, the country exposed a huge demand, booming population.In order to meet it, The Frito Sales
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Major players in USA Snack Food Production Industry are ;
PepsiCo, Inc
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Kraft Foods Inc
The Procter & Gamble Company
General Mills, Inc.

Also, we see from the annual report of PepsiCO 2007; PepsiCo net revenue is 39 474 Million $. Net income is distributed according to areas as :

Information About Frito-Lay’s Snacks
There are variety of dips and salsas ,Frito-Lay’s makes to complement snack:
“Tostitos Salsa Is Safe and Not Affected by Concerns About Raw Tomatoes”
The company is really concerning about cooked tomatoes ,including Tostitos, not posing a threat because when the tomatoes are cooked, bacteria are killed. (In recent days, there is bacteria called salmonella; is threating health of people. This bacteria is stem from cooked tomatoes.)

What is a dip?

“A dip or dipping sauce is a common condiment for many types of food. Dips are used to add flavor to a food, such as pita bread, dumplings, crackers, cut-up raw vegetables, seafood, cubed pieces of meat and cheese, potato chips, tortilla chips, or falafel. Unlike other sauces, instead of applying the sauce to the food, the food is typically put into, or dipped, into the dipping sauce (hence the name). Dips are commonly used for finger foods and other easily held foods.”

What is sour-cream?
Sour cream is a form of dairy product rich in fats resulted in fermenting a regular cream by certain


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